Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pixie hair Cutie

With the recent event of Ann Hathaway getting the chop of her luscious long hair, we thought we should take a closer look of the current trend of the pixie cut! This style of hair has been around for decades, making a real stand point through the 60's. Its a bold move and can really be quite a shock for some ( we heard Ann was in tears for days after her hair cut!!) But it can also be extremely liberating !

                                     Here is Ann with her longer hair. Luscious, long and beautiful!
                                     Getting a bit shorter but still quite voluminous and wavy....
                                         And finally the CHOP! Ann with her new pixie cut!

From Twiggy, to Katie Holmes, to Pink, to Rhianna, celeb's the world over are taking the plunge and getting the pixie cut!.I personally have sported the pixie cut before. It was easy, fun and effortless ( and also the quickest time it ever took me to get ready!)...  It's a hard haircut to get use to if you have had long hair for a number of years. But once you get past that hurdle, the pixie love affair begins! So to you Ann Hathaway, it took guts to make this move and we salute you for it!

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