Sunday, 29 July 2012

Don't be shy. Live a little!!

Some days can just feel like groundhog day. Same routine, same result... Lets not get in a rut! Step outside your comfort zone and do something different! Take life by the balls and start doing more of what you wish you could.... No one is holding you back, live a little!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Girl with the dragon tattoo

Love the idea of having a scar for life to remember something or someone that means so much to us. Time to get inked!

NeW YoRk MadDness!......... It must be LoVe

New York, the city of lights, has been a very strong influence in fashion. Whether it is the city that inspires or the inspired that live in the city, New York is the place to be! With beautiful urban landscapes and gritty, yet seamless fashion, NY will conquere almost everything that the fashion world has to offer!!..... We <3 you NY xxx

                                                         See you real soon NY xxx